Shipman Photography | Spring Senior Portrait Sessions - why us? Because you deserve the best!

Spring Senior Portrait Sessions - why us? Because you deserve the best!

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Winter, mild as it was, seems to be winding down.   Spring has sprung and with that comes blooming things, green things and gorgeous weather.    This means our spring senior portrait season is also gearing up.   If you didn't get senior portraits done in the fall, it is definitely not too late.  The spring offers a whole new opportunity for dozens of Shipman Photography senior portrait clients, and we would be honored if you would consider being among them.   

Why us?  In a nutshell, we are different.  I asked a lot of young people why they chose us, and the answers all had one thing in common.   We create work that stands out from the crowd.  We are not generic.  We are not predictable.  Our portraits tell stories, and are not just "pictures."  Often, they don't even look like senior portraits, as one might traditionally think of them.  They are more memorable, more personalized and express our clients' amazing variety of personal individuality.   Our motto is "Be Authentic,"  and that is our goal every time, all of the time, in everything we do.   Our work is satisfaction guaranteed, and we are consistently rated 5 out of 5 stars in terms of value, quality and experience.    There are cheaper alternatives, but there are more expensive ones too.   Ultimately, our clients who choose us are fans of our work and know that this is who they had to call.  We take that as the ultimate complement and value our clients' choice to trust us with these once in a lifetime moments more than can possibly be expressed. 

How are we different?  Several ways.   Critically, we are the best studio in Oklahoma in terms of post-production, which begins with quality retouching - done in a way that never leaves you looking plastic and artificial.  This is included in every portrait job we do.  It's seamless, and it's perfect - every time.  Natural, healthy skin texture remains, as do the things that make you unique (freckles, moles, scars etc. unless requested) but the blemishes?  Gone.  Flyaway hair?  Gone.  Shiny skin?  Gone.  Weird anomalies in the background?  Gone.  Boring, blown out sky?  Replaced.    And if we don't point it out afterwards, it looks as though that's the way the image was shot.   Every time. 

Another key difference is that we are not just picture takers.  We are digital portrait artists, and that means we work with any setting, lighting or editing technique that we need to make a client's idea (or our own) come to life.   Let's check out some examples of first semester portrait clients.

Sometimes, the image may call for something as simple as using a natural light setting to show off a portrait client's style and personality.

Take these head shots for example, whether in emotive high contrast black and white....

Or in vibrant color...

They tell a story, and capture a unique moment and energy.    We might pull back a little and let the setting become part of that natural light story...

Or we may use natural light in a way that features the background as a critical element to the image.

Or, it may be that we need to use very subtle off-camera lighting to complete the ideal portrait - using lighting angles that compliment our client's individual features and fill shadows while blending natural and artificial light seamlessly.

Shooting our clients against bright backgrounds in colorful settings is one of our trademark "looks."  This requires experienced off camera lighting techniques and post production skill sets that are not assets every studio possesses. 

Sometimes, We need more "autumn" in our early winter shots, and that may mean giving life to leaves that have long since gone brown and dull.  

We have a long list of interesting local locations to suggest, and are always open to our client's suggestions for location ideas of their own!

Downtown Tulsa at twilight is always a favorite.

Downtown Tulsa is such a beautiful and versatile place to shoot, we can always tailor it to fit your personality, or even your wardrobe.

But we know lots of cool places that are far from the urban  jungle (and are more like an actual jungle).

Or maybe you are straight up country, and want your Oklahoma to show.


And while we may borrow some ideas from shoot to shoot....

They are never exactly the same.   We are always looking for ways to mix up settings and poses even in places we've shot hundreds of times. 

In our primary goal to express our client's individuality, it is not uncommon to involve some specific aspect of their personality, sport, activity or hobby.  From gamers to athletes and from musicians to actors and everything in between, we are always looking for cool ways to involve these in your portrait plan, even if it involves splitting your shoot into two dates so we can do it right. 

Maybe you are a three time All-State marching band clarinet player?

Or maybe you are an actor AND a guitar player?  

As sports photographers, one of our specialties has been involving our student-athletes particular sports in their portrait plan.

In some cases, our athletes play two sports.  Finding a shot for Cody here that features both football (background) and wrestling (foreground) as the sun sets on his senior career was a specific idea we had before the shoot.   We always know when sunset is, from what direction and have a lighting plan for how we will maximize our clients' valuable time.

Of course, we don't have to cram our two-sport stars into one image every time, as we did with Drake who in one shot is reflecting on the end of a very successful football career culminating in 3 state championship rings....

And in another is looking into the bright spring morning light as he begins a new and final baseball season. 

We are perhaps best known for digital art composite scenes that show up on program covers and stadium graphics.   Frequently, we bring these same techniques to the table to create truly unique cinematic scenes for our portrait clients that no other studio in this region can.

The following images were all shot on green screen in our studio and were "built" in photoshop over the course of several hours.   A lot goes into these images to make sure the lighting angles match the background, that the subjects are blended properly into the scene and don't feel photoshopped in, and most importantly that the perspective of the subjects match the digital environment.   This is truly a unique service we provide without direct competition in this or in any nearby market.    If you want something that is truly one of a kind,  maybe one of our composites as part of a senior portrait package is for you.   The possible scenes and settings are infinite, limited by nothing. 

Possibly our best known image, it has been shared across the internet thousands of times, and has caused professional photographers to ask me how I lit him underwater.   How his tie floated.  How the refracted light played across him like it does on the bottom of the pool.      All done in studio for this Booker T Washington swimmer who wanted to involve swimming in his senior portrait plan and was open to this idea - shot on green screen. 

Or maybe we take the swimmer theme a different direction?   Also Green Screen.

Maybe the client gives me a little direction like, 'maybe put her in an art gallery.'  Well, why not let the art be other images of herself on a wall in the background, very slightly blurred by distance as the focus on her in the foreground is razor sharp?    Green Screen. 

Or maybe you are a cast member at the world famous Oklahoma Renaissance Fair and want to feature your character in the environment you always imagined her in - as part of your senior portrait session?

We don't force cheesy smiles in every shot.  Sometimes a serious, or even non-camera-aware (looking away) shot is the perfect one to capture, but we always make sure there are a LOT of choices in your proof gallery.   Many variations of a similar pose with different expressions so you can pick your own subjective favorites to fill out your order at YOUR convenience.  That's right, we do not pressure you to pick out your images at your in-studio gallery review.  Instead, we use that time to show off our work, reminisce about the shoot, discuss editing options and build a custom order for you - usually giving away free wall prints or photo books as incentives, and allowing you to take your time with your family on your own schedule to let us know which images to use on that order.

Our orders are digital.  We set our order galleries up with the fully edited master files created from your selections (satisfaction guaranteed).   The files are set to download directly to your computer or device along with a print release.  We also set them up so that you can order professional quality prints directly from our website at our vendor cost (no mark up).   $2.30 8x10's for example, and prints of any size can be ordered this way directly through your gallery.

We offer premium wall art: canvas gallery wraps, acrylics custom framing, photo albums and more.

We've got spring dates available, contact us now for a free consultation and package pricing graphic.  


We also specialize in:
Family portraits
Commercial Photography:  Head shots, branding graphics and wall murals for your business, and conceptual scenes for your website or magazine ad.
Sports Photography:  posters, stadium graphics, picture day team and player portraits, live action. 


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