Shipman Photography 2017 senior rep program details and application information

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  Shipman Photos senior portrait client, on location in downtown Tulsa at twilight

Shipman Photography is a portrait photography company that specializes in custom senior portrait sessions.    As parents of Bixby students, we have focused our marketing in the Bixby High School market for several years. In Bixby, we are in our third year as the official senior yearbook portrait photographers for all Bixby High School seniors, and also are the "picture day" photographers for all varsity sports at Bixby High School.

As a result of referrals by our wonderful clients and visibility of the work we've done for them, we've grown every year - expanding our market and attracting not only seniors from other Tulsa-area schools, but a growing list of out-of-state clients who travel to the Tulsa area for sessions with us at our Tulsa studio, or on location in our beautiful city. 

To optimize this growth into area schools, we are launching a senior rep program which will incentivize and reward selected student representatives with cash rewards and their parents with discounted session packages up to and including a free digital premium session with Shipman Photography.

While Bixby students are well aware of who we are and what we do, we obviously are unknown to many other Tulsa metro students.  Please take a minute and check out our senior portrait portfolio gallery to get an idea of what we are about, and allow us to introduce ourselves!

We specialize in several "styles" of photography and post-production, and our ability to customize your session to your unique personality and represent your activities, sports and hobbies in our portraits is unlike any other studio in Oklahoma.  Our session work typically is shot on location in a variety of environments ranging from urban to ranch, river to stadium and everything in between.    

We also shoot highly detailed and believable in-studio composite scenes with immersive backgrounds and digital environments that can put you into your world in a way that is genuinely unique. 

AIMG_underwater2bxAIMG_underwater2bxswimming pool under water ... Here is a Shipman Photos senior swimmer client, shot in studio, bringing new meaning to an "immersive" digital environment!

Our studio work is not limited to elaborate composite creations.  We can also bring it down and create simple one-light black and whites to convey a more emotive and less visually busy scene.


Shipman Photos senior football/wrestling client in a complimentary "ring" session, shot as a gift to our 2 time state champ football clients.

These are just a few samples.  Our "styles" are not limited to a few specialities or tendencies.  We view each client as a new opportunity to create something new and unlike anything we've ever done before, and we invite our clients to bring their own ideas to the consultation process.  A lot of our favorite images have their foundations in ideas our clients have brought to us.  We love a challenge!

Gregg Shipman Photography, Senior Portrait Photographer for the Tulsa area including Bixby, Broken Arrow, Glenpool, Jenks, Owasso. With Shipman Photos, the sky is the limit!    

Again, we thank you for your interest in our senior rep program.   There will be several applicants for a limited number of positions at several Tulsa metro-area schools.  Please take the time to click on this link to fill out our rep application.  We will review our applicants and reply to everyone personally.   The full description of our program is laid out below.

Shipman Photography 2016-17 Senior Rep Program


Benefits for Student Reps:

  • Earn $100 cash for every paying referral.
  • Limited number of reps per school, so you will not be competing against classmates for referrals.

Benefits for Parents, Guardians and self-paying students:

  • Earn a free 12 image digital portrait order (valued at $900)
  • Earn additional printed materials once session credit has been earned.


  • Be active on social media, sharing GSP content.
  • Post all of your images on social media with links to and associated social media pages.
  • Use your 12 images throughout the school year as profile and cover pics.
  • Receive 50 4x6’s of 2 images from your shoot to use in marketing.
  • When referrals book, they turn in a 4x6 for you to receive credit.
  • Must be on track to graduate.  No arrests.  No suspensions.  Etc.
  • 4 senior portrait referrals is our minimum expectation from our reps.


Our senior reps will initially pay a $150 session fee, like any client and sign a contract for purchase of a “digital gold” portrait package, valued at $900 – due in full by 5/1/17.  We conduct your sessions early in the summer and fast track your edits so that you have them to market before school starts.

Our reps are expected to refer a minimum of four senior portrait clients.

The rep will earn $100 cash money for every single paid senior client referred.  $50 at booking and $50 after the referral’s session fee is collected.  There is no maximum limit of referrals, nor any deadline for booking them.  Referrals who book and cancel are not counted as a referral, and any collected referral fee to the rep will be repaid.

As you refer clients, you will also earn a credit against your $900 package total.


*            Referral #1            -$225 (1/4 of package total)

*            Referral #2            -$225 (1/4 of package total)

*            Referral #3            -$225 (1/4 of package total)

*            Referral #4            -$225 (1/4 of package total)

At this point your portrait package will have been paid for through 4 client referrals.   We want to continue to reward you for exceeding 4 referrals however, so referrals #5 and beyond will receive additional products including: coffee table books, canvas prints, additional image selections and more.


There was a tremendous amount of initial interest in our rep program when we rolled it out on social media recently, and we received dozens of inquiries, so there is competition for a limited number of spots. 

We market our portrait business in a variety of ways, so we need to make sure our reps are not duplicating our current efforts, and instead are supplementing them.

We are looking for photogenic, outgoing reps who will enthusiastically represent our unique custom photography to their friends and classmates.   We will meet with our reps and talk to them about our process and products and have them well prepared to represent us and begin earning money.

Our ideal reps are well known and well liked among their classmates and will be trusted to represent our brand among the student population and their families.  We do not want lazy reps that will be in academic trouble or find themselves in any violation of school rules.   We think our styles of photographic art are unique and elite among our competition and so we want reps who will enthusiastically represent what we can do for their friends!

Still interested? 

Click the link below to fill out our online application for consideration as a 2017 senior rep.

2017 Senior Rep Application

We need to see 3 recent photos, and need links to any social media pages to determine reach and level of activity.  We want to set you up for success with this!   It’ll be fun, but it will require some work!   


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Gregg and Jen Shipman
Gregg Shipman Photography
Tulsa Photography Studio
5045 S. 79th E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74045
(918) 947-9601


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